November 26, 2014

Shani Dev's Characterstics

Shani Dev's Characterstics

As per our ancient books, related to Shanidev, this Universe came into existence as a result of the desire of the Almighty God. The three gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are shouldering their duties that are entrusted to them as the god of creation, the operation and the destruction respectively. Lord Shiva is shouldering the responsibilities of destruction i.e. responsibility of punishing the rascals for their all misdeeds. So, from amongst the nine sons of Lord Sun – Yama and Shanidev, as a member of his helping youth. He gave both of them, the most important role. Yama was entrusted with the work of making living beings to undergo the results of their misdeeds, after death. However, Shanidev was entrusted the same work, to make them to undergo the result of their misdeeds in their life time itself. This is the reason why Shanidev became notorious as a cruel and an anguish planet, but he can be mollified through the worship of Lord Shiva.

Father of ShanidevLord Sun
Mother of ShanidevChhaya (Suvarna)
Brother of ShanidevYamaraj, Savarni Manu, Ashwani Kumar
Sister of ShanidevYamuna, Tapti
Guru of ShanidevLord Shiva
Gotra of ShanidevKashyap
Intrest of ShanidevService, Spirituality, Law, Diplomacy and Politics.
Place of BirthSaurashtra
ColourBlack (Krishna)
Category and CasteShudra (the Servant)
Permanent HomeTenth House
CharacteristicsDarkness (gloomy)
Enemy Planets (naturally)Sun, Moon and Mars
Friendly PlanetsMercury, Venus and Rahu
Season of ShanidevAutumn (Shishir)
The DiseasesAbdominal pain, Arthritis, Rheumatism, pain in Arms, pain in the right part of the body, Paralysis, Diabetes and other diseases of the nervous system.
Nature of ShanidevSerious, Renouncing, Ascetic,Obstinate, Indifferent.
Other names‘Konasth’, ‘Pingal’ ,’Babhru’, ‘Sauri’, Shaneshcharya’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Mand’, ‘Roudra’, ‘Antak’, ‘Yam’.
Loving FriendsKal Bhairav, Hanuman ji,Mercury and Rahu
Signs of ShanidevCapricorn, Aquarius
Area of WorkJustice to all Living Beings
Day Dear to ShanidevSaturday, Amavasya (Date: falling on Saturday)
Constellations of ShanidevPushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapad
StoneBlue Sapphire
Objects dear to ShanidevBlack Cloth, Black Sesame (Til), Urad, Treacle (gud), the Sour and Astringent Objects and Mustard Oil.
Dear MetalIron and Steel
Business related to ShanidevIron, Steel, Cement, Coal industry, Factories, Petroleum, Transport, Medicine, Printing Press and hardware.
Diseases related to ShanidevRheumatic diseases, Cancer, Sugar, Kidney, Leprosy, Incurable Diseases, Blood Cancer, Madness and the Skin Diseases.
RemediesOn any Saturday evening,give alms to some poor, old man the objects that are dear to Lord Shani.
Effective PeriodThe SadheSatti & Dhaiya Period
Major Period19 Years

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