April 6, 2015

What Happens After WE Die??? An Answer from a Highly Advanced Yogi...!

Tibetan Lama-LOBSANG RAMPA-hinuism
I was always in a search for an Authentic Answer to this question!! An Answer from Someone who is so advanced a soul that he can answer it with complete details and procedures of what really goes on after we die. And thus I had read a lot of books regarding this by various authors.
But the only person who was able to answer it in full details and with complete truth in it, was T. Lobsang Rampa. Many of you won’t be knowing who he is. But let me tell you, in 20th century, NO Person other than him was able to reach to those highest levels of Yoga. He was a Yogic of a very Top Order. He had successfully learnt some Yoga lessons, which are actually difficult to learn in a single lifetime. There are very very few people living on this world who know Yoga of that level.
Before we get enlightened with what Exactly happens after we Die, let me give you a brief intro of Lobsang Rampa:

Tibetan Lama-LOBSANG RAMPA-hinuismLobsang Rampa was a Tibetan Lama who took birth in 1909 in a religious family in Tibet. From very early childhood he was fascinated about Metaphysics and Occultism. He started off his education in a Lama University school and by 1926, he graduated as a Medical Surgeon from a Chinese university.

Even after being a doctor, his thirst for knowledge wasn’t over. He was keenly interested in Sky Travelling and thus he learned the technical skills of aircrafts and worked in that field thereafter.

In 1938 World War 1, he too had taken part. He was imprisoned by Japanese. There in prison he went through a lot of torture and pain, however he never lost hope. One day, seeing the situation, he was able to run away from the jail. After running away from jail, he traveled through various countries of Europe, before returning back to his homeland Tibet.

After coming back to Tibet, his life changed completely. He started experimenting with Yoga and activating Kundalini Shakti and became a disciple of Lama Gurus. His Sushumna nadi (See Pic) used to
Tibetan Lama-LOBSANG RAMPA-hinuism
remain active for almost entire day, thus bringing a lot of cosmic energy within his body. He started indulging into tough Shakti and Yoga practices. While practicing Shakti yoga, one needs to have a very strong body. Penances like, sitting near furnace, diving in ice cold water, submerging one’s self completely in sand are done to make the body strong to its last limit. When kundalini Shakti has activated, and is flowing within the body, if at that time, the reciever’s body is not fit, such that his body’s cells are not able to assimilate this energy, then this very energy becomes the cause of reciever’s destruction and death. And for this very reason, only few people are able to reach to this level of Yoga learning.

A time came when Lobsang Rampa’s body too became old and his Guru denied him to indulge in any further Higher stage Shakti Yogas.

However until that time, he had already learnt many psychic abilities like astral travelling. (Astral Travelling is the process of taking out one’s soul from his body alongwith the consciousness and travelling outside with it. In other terms, it is also known as Out-of-Body Experience.)

And thus one day, while he was astral travelling over Denton city of England, he saw an Artist sitting over tree’s branch. Cyril Hoskin, the Artist, was drawing the beautiful landscape in a small paper in his hands while sitting aerially over tree. At that time, suddenly the tree branch broke off and he fell on the ground. The shock of this incident stopped his heart and thus he died on the spot.

Lobsang rampa was seeing the whole seen. While the Cyril had a very good psychic, and had no illnesses in his body, his body was perfect for Yoga. Thus grabbing the opportunity, lobsang rampa immersed himself into his body, thus leaving his old body in Tibet to die. When he came to his senses, people around were amazed to witness this. They got even more shocked when he addressed himself to be Lobsang Rampa, rather than Cyril.

Thereafter he gave a series of evidences and proofs to prove that he was none other than a Tibetan lama. He even mentioned the cave wherein his old body was sitting, and through investigation it was found to be true.

Thereafter, lobsang rampa went on to live a life in west, spreading the knowledge of Yoga and occultism and thus continuing his Shakti-Yog Practices with a fresh body. In 1955, he released his first book called “The Third eye”, in which he has mentioned his entire life journey, from childhood in Tibet to his middle life in Cyril’s body.
So this was about Lobsang Rampa! I hope you didn’t found the Intro a bit lengthy! J But Somehow I wanted to let you know how advanced a soul he is so that you can trust his authority over his sayings.

Now let us get back to WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WE DIE. The answer to this question is written in his novel “I BELIEVE”. I myself have completed reading this novel on 5TH August, 2013. And what I’m going to write below, is an abstract from my own life diary, which I had return as a sum up summary for this novel.

The Novel “I BELIEVE” is the Seventeeth book written by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. This Novel was written as an answer to
Tibetan Lama-LOBSANG RAMPA-hinuism all the questions & letters which he had received. Questions were related to what he believed about Death, Life after Death, Hell and Heaven etc. And so he wrote the Novel with a title “I BELIEVE”. However he made it very clear in the novel that the title of his novel may be understood wrongly. Meaning that although the title says “I BELIEVE”, it does not contain any beliefs, but Only the Truths. Yes. He said that all those things mentioned in his novel are completely true. Even some of its episodes are collected from “Akashic Records” (The Akashic Record is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. It contains entire history of earth. It is encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane. Thus, the ones who astral travel can interact with it and gain knowledge from it.)

Thus, in short, this Novel Actually tells us WHAT REALLY HAPPENS AFTER ONE DIES. Here’s the Whole scenario After Death:-
When a person dies, his Subtle body/Astral body/Soul comes out and remains flying above his dead body for few minutes. The astral body actualy comes out when a person “is dying”, rather than after he is dead. This way, the person who is dying doesn’t feel any pain. Yes it’s true. When one is dying, may be to observer it seems that he is going through very very bad pain. However, all those ugly screams & looks which a dying man makes is actually an automated reaction of its body’s stimulated nerves. In reality, the man has already came out of his physical body.

So, Actually the fear of death is just an “illusion”. Even if one commits suicide, he will not go through any pain during the death.

In Lobsang Rampa’s term, Death is just a Transition Stage. It’s like leaving the Physical World & Rebirthing in Astral World.

So, coming to our Point, the Astral Body remains floating above the dead body for a few minutes. There he “Sees” himself dying. Thereafter the Astral body reaches to an Astral Plane wherein his friends, his soul friends, Guides, helpers or whatever one names comes to him to pick him up. They all greet him happily and joyfully.

Thereafter, they take the person to the “Home of Rest” wherein he is allotted a room and where he stays as long as he wants. He enjoys there. He roams in the Astral World, makes friends and does “all those things he ever wanted to do.” He also does research or learns new spiritual lessons. This period is considered to be a “Vacation” period for the soul. A rejuvenating stage for it.

Next, there is a “Hall of Memories” in Astral world wherein after a few days of recovery from the trauma of death, one is directed to go. There one sees his (just passed) whole life on earth in front of him for an indefinite time.

After enjoying for days or years or centuries in Astral World, a time comes when “he thinks” that now he needs to go to Earth to learn New Lessons.

Just as a Child on Earth goes to school to learn lessons, in the same way, a Soul comes to Earth to learn life lessons.

Thus when he has made a final thought of coming back, at that time he is helped by a committee comprising of very advanced souls who help him in taking his decision. They advise him about various things such as:
  • Best Time to take birth
  • Best Type of Body
  • Best Type of Conditions (Economical, Political, social etc.)
  • Best Type of Parents
  • Best Type of Occupation for Himself
  • And much more.

Thus this way Enlightened Souls help him in his decision. However he has the Full Right to take his decision. No one can force him on Astral World. When he himself is “satisfied” with the terms, he agrees to take birth.

For the (act of) Birth, he is directed to a Special table in some hall in the Astral World. When on lies on that table, the table moulds itself according to the shape of its occupant. Meanwhile he is lying on it; the Enlightened Souls check his “compatibility” with his “to-be Mother”.

Once everything is found allright, he starts feeling drowsy lying on table. His eyes began to close. Then slowly he travels down on earth, when on the way, many Advanced souls greet him and give advices to him. (However, while travelling, he is always in a sleeping position on his table.)

After a while, he falls asleep completely. So completely, that he forgets everything about the Astral World… About the committee…. About the table…. And about himself. And at that very moment, he reaches the womb of his New Mother!

(Here one thing “must” be remembered that the Soul descends inside the child ONLY when the child is about to take birth. Till then it is just a huge Mass of Protoplasm & Liquids.)

Thus, when soul again enters a Child’s Body, it forgets ALL the Previous Memories & goes on to live a New Life to learn new Lessons….

This is the Whole Cycle of Birth, Death, & Rebirth . . . !  

I hope many of you also got an Answer to your Query of WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WE DIE…!! God bless the great Lobsang Rampa for sharing it with us. If you wish someone close enough to you also needs to know this, you too can share this out..



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