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History of Baba Balak Nath ji :  

Emanation of Lord Shankra in ‘Dvapara Yuga’:

According to ‘Lok Srutis’ Baba Ji reincarnates Yuga and Yuga. He was known as ‘Skanda’ in ‘Sat Yuga’, ‘Kaul’ in ‘Treta Yuga’ and ‘Mahakaul’ and ‘Dvapra Yuga’. ‘Mahakaul’ of ‘Dvapra Yuga’, while going to ‘Kailasha Parvata’, met an old woman on the way. 

The old lady asked the mission and destination of Baba Ji. After knowing all that the old woman advised ‘Mahakaul’ to meditate on the bank of ‘Mansarovar’ and request ‘Mother Parvati’ (who would come there for bathing on special occasions), help him in reaching ‘Lord Shiva’. ‘Mahakaul’ acted as told and became successful in his mission of reaching ‘Lord Shiva’On seeing ‘Balayogi Mahakaul’, ‘Lord Shiva’ became very happy and blessed Baba Ji to be the ‘Sidha symbol’ of worshipping for devotees in ‘Kaliyuga’ and his child like image to remain for ever.

Birth and Sanskritisation of Baba ji in Kali Yuga:

Baba Ji is said to have taken birth in Gujarat, Kathiabad. The name of His mother was Laxmi and that of his father Vishno Vaish. Here Baba Ji named as ‘Dev’ became lost in ‘Bhagvad devotion’. Seeing this, his parents wanted to marry him; but Baba Ji didn’t agree and left His home in search of ‘Parma Sidhi’ and came by ‘Swami Dattaitreya’ in Junagarh on Girnar hill - a historical place. 

It is here Baba ji learnt the basics of ‘Sidhas’ from Swami Dattaitreya and became ‘Sidha’ and came to be known as ‘Baba Balak Nath Ji’

It is here Baba ji learnt the basics of ‘Sidhas’ from Swami Dattaitreya and became ‘Sidha’ and came to be known as ‘Baba Balak Nath Ji’

 Baba Ji Ki Amar Katha  (Legend) :

Baba Balak Nath Ji meets at Shaha Talai Mai Ratno Devi and compensates with 12
years of service in return for her guidance in Dwapra Yug by which he met Lord Shiva.

It is told Baba Ji came to Bachhretu Mahadev from Kurukshetra where he had come with saints at the time of Solar Eclipse. There after Baba Ji came to Shaha Talai and met ‘Ratno Mai’ - the epitome of ‘Dwapra’s old woman’, who had guided ‘Mahakaul Baba Ji’. Thus Baba Ji was to compensate what the old woman had done for Him in ‘Dvapra Yuga’. So Baba Ji took the most inconvenient work of Ratno Mai i.e. cow-grazing. 

Baba Ji made his shelter below a Banyan Tree. He told Ratno Mai he would meditate below Banyan Tree and graze the cows side by side. He asked her to leave the bread and ‘Lassi’ (mashed curd) for Him there for taking after meditation. Baba Ji committed with Ratno Mai to work for her so long she would remain satisfied. Everything remained smooth till twelve years. People started complaining the damage to crop field by the cows by the end of 12th year. 

Ratno Mai used to ignore such complaints; but the complaint of village head man broke the patience of Ratno Mai and she started rebuking Baba Ji. At this, Baba Ji took Ratno Mai and village head man to the field and on spot there was no damage at all. Everybody was taken aback by this miracle. Baba Ji came back to His place of worship and asked Ratno Mai to take back her cows and let Him go His way. Ratno Mai out of motherly affection/attachment tried to persuade Baba Ji and reminded Him about her providing Bread and Lassi for 12 years. 

Baba Ji responded that that had been coincidental and further affirmed that coincidence would always be predestined. Baba Ji further told that He has kept all the Bread and Lassi safely as He never used them. By saying that Baba Ji threw away His ‘Chimata’ on the stem of Banyan Tree and the breads supplied for 12 years came out. He further forcibly threw the same ‘Chimata’ on the earth and spring of Lassi started coming out taking the shape of a pond and the place came to be known as ‘Shaha Talai’. 

The word later on corrupted to ‘Shaha Talai’. A half hollow structure has been prepared to symbolize the ‘Hollow of Banyan Tree’. Nearby is a temple having the images of Baba Balak Nath, Guga Chauhan and Nahar Singh Ji. The soil of this place is used as anti-worm for cattle-foot diseases.

On Baba Ji’s stance for going away from Shaha Talai, Ratno Mai repented for her ignorance and got moved. On seeing all this Baba Ji kindfully told Ratno Mai that He would worship in forest land and she could see Him there. He established His ‘Dhuna’ below a ‘Garna Jhari’ (a thorny bush) about half kilometer from Shah Talai.

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