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Kingdom Of Shiva

Kingdom Of Shiva

Mt. Kailash Parvata-The Kingdom Of Lord Shiva
1. The Vedas have repeatedly postulated that the Mt. Kailash as the earthly manifestation of the Kingdom of Lord Shiva. It is the navel of the world Hidden, Unknown and Forbidden on the Peak of Mysterious Mount Kailash. Earthly forces of power and greed forever sealed. This is the ‘Precious Jewel of Snow’. Both geography and mythology play roles in the sacred significance of Mount Kailash.

2. The world lies on this Peak of Mysterious Mount Kailash is Forbidden and not even satellite can capture the abode of Lord Shiva! Here dwell entities with technologies beyond human comprehension.

3. Pure Soul can see the Kingdom of Shiva as complex, moreover, be the centre of a world–wide system connecting other monuments or sites where paranormal phenomena have been observed. Mount Kailash is the holiest and most mysterious mountains in the world!

4. Aerial View of Kingdom of Shiva Aerial view of Kingdom of Shiva is nothing but stony!

5. This is the Axis Mundi, a World Center. Discover the journey that will take around this limitless world!

6. This holy Kingdom of Shiva rises on the Earth being a miniature Mountain of Sadasiva Loka to an altitude of 6714 meters. It cannot compete with peaks in the nearby Himalayan range, which includes Mount Everest, and its grandeur lies not in height but in its distinct shape – four sheer faces marking the cardinal points of the compass – and its solitary location, free of neighbouring mountains.

7. Many researchers believe in the existence of the super- natural power in whatever form – higher intelligence or energy. This interest remains strong to this day in many countries, to find what is on the Peak of Kingdom of Shiva. Climbing Mount Kailash is forbidden and only can be viewed by aeroplanes and only helicopters are allowed to land at the foot of this mysterious Mountain.

8. OM or AUM letter is Visible on the Kingdom of Shiva. God manifests in creation as the Cosmic Vibration, which expresses itself as Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Light. The Cosmic Sound or Aum is the synthesis of all the sounds of the highly vibrating life forces (lifetrons), electrons, protons, and atoms. By listening to Aum

9. Nine-Story Swastika Mountain is the seat of all power. Recent studies of Russians reveal that the Mt. Kailash could be a vast, it is like a human-built pyramid, the centre of an entire complex of smaller pyramids, a hundred in total. This complex, moreover, be the centre of a world–wide system connecting other monuments or sites where paranormal phenomena have been observed.

10. The idea of the pyramid in this region is not new. It goes back to the timeless Sanskrit Amazing Epics of Satya Yuga that detailed in the Srimad Bhagvat, the manifestation of Kailash on the Earth is result of boon granted to Devhuti, the beloved wife of Kardama Muni and the daughter of Emperor Swayambhu Manu and Queen Satarupa, during the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati-- Kalyan. This is the miniature form of Mount Meru, at Chidakasa, a mountain of solid gold shining as brilliantly as fire. Its four sides are made of four different precious substances: the south of lapis-lazuli, the west of ruby, the north of gold and the east of crystal and the southern side of Mount Meru is blue. It is a precious treasure of Nature. It is imperishable and indestructible. The Kingdom of Shiva is the abode of Shiva and Parvati and their children and constant companion of Nandiswara and Sevita Sivani along with Devas, Ganas, Yaksha, Kinnera, Kimpurusha, Naga, Yogis, Siddha Purusha and Gandharvas. There is so much to learn from the Kingdom of Shiva. It has other names....Meru, Sumeru, Sushumna, Hemadri, Deva Parvata, Gana Parvata, Rajatadri, and Ratnasanu. The kingdom of Shiva is most bewitching! Its beauty is over powering and from a spiritual point of view, it possesses a subtle magnetic vibration of a supremely high order. Only the enlightened mind, free from the its passions can claim the Kailash as it is not possible with physical body.

11. Kingdom of Shiva in Vedas Vedas postulated that the both Passive and Active Eternal Energy dwell at the Kingdom of Shiva As Predominal Sound ‘Omkara’ As Eternal Cosmic Energy in ‘Srichakara’

12. Cosmic Power Lord Shiva, the Hindu God, destroyer of ignorance and illusion, made this place his eternal home. Lord Shiva’s subjects as well, had unmatched super natural traits and contributed a lot towards the rise of the civilization of pre-historic universe. Goddess Parvati, the personification of Goddess Adishakti, in human form, married to Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati is also worshiped as her other manifestations Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kaal Ratri, Maha Gauri and Siddhidaatri. Goddess Parvati also has wrathful incarnations, such as Durga, Kali, Tara, Chandi, and the Dasha Mahavidyas (ten great wisdoms) Tripura Sundari (Shodashi), Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagla Mukhi, Matangi and Kamala, as well as benevolent forms like Katyayani, Maha Gauri, Kamalatmika, Bhuvaneshwari and Lalita.

13. Lord Shiva as described In the Sacred Texts

14. The Feminine Energy as described in the Sacred Texts

15. As per Ramayana, when Raavan was not permitted to reach the peak abode of Lord Shiva, he lifted Mount Kailash to impress Lord Shiva !

16. The Kingdom of Shiva demonstrates the existence of an advanced civilization. It provides a foundation for expanding our awareness of the reality around us, give us some beyond modern scientific theories. There is a critical and vital difference between some of the other prominent works on Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya and various stories of Puranas as well other mythological works. There are several theories about how many kids they had. Most of the religious scriptures are silent or confused about it. The Author Sivkishen had reasons to believe that they raised Bhringi, Ganesh and Kartikeya as their sons. It was never revealed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati even had a daughter Aranyani, the forest Goddess. The Agama Sastra, Temple Architecture was developed by Sevita Sivani. The key Yoginis like Jaya, Vijaya, Jayanthi and Somaprabha helped developing the key insights for all the Vedic sciences. One of his principal associates, Nandiswara, was in a way Lord Shiva’s transport in- charge, also worshipped along with him, and he eventually developed the mysterious science of Vedic Yajna or fire offerings to please the God Almighty. The work unfolds the Cosmic Science of Sacred Geometry as well the sciences on Geodesy, Archaeoastronomy, Metrology, Symbolism, Resonance, etc. Further, unfolds the secrets of Musical Pillars backed by science. Such knowledge is a must for making this Earth as Heaven.

17. Sivkishen, the pen name of Kishen SSR being the Author of Kingdom of Shiva had studied scriptures for the past 12 years in Search of Truth and to know more on the Science, Philosophy and Spirituality existing at most Mysterious Kailash. While researching Vedas writing this Marvel for 12 long Years! Yes the Author, Sivkishen only ate, breathed and lived this book... haven't slept for days and months determined to Chisel every word of art into this Devine master piece ‘The Kingdom of Shiva’!!

18. Divine Grace Fortunate Souls receive the Divine Grace. Her presence of divinity is all along and revealing became a Mahagranth, detailing Wisdom Beyond Boundaries on the Vedic Scientific wisdom that are hard to decode embedded with Science, Philosophy and Spirituality from Her Legends! To celebrate Mahasivaratri, the Author reached Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple at Srisailam in the wee hours on Wednesday, March 2002. The shrine of Lord Mallikarjuna picturesquely situated on a flat top of Nallamalai Hills, Srisailam is reputed to be one of the most ancient kshetras in India. It is on the right side of the River Krishna in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. This celebrated mountain is also named as Siridhan, Srigiri, Sirigiri, Sriparvatha and Srinagam.. This temple is one of the 18 Maha Sakti Peethas and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The presiding Deities of this kshetra Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy and Goddess Bhramaramba Devi is one of the eighteen Mahasakthis and both are self- manifested. The unique feature of this kshetra is the combination of Jyotirlinga and Mahasakthi in one campus, which is very rare and only one of its kind. This is place where Lord Shiva and Parvati stayed came to be known as Srisailam. The temple in hill looks like a great fort and is also known for its treasure of sculptures, There are number of sculptures on the walls appear as a gallery. He sat on the steps of Goddess temple and felt the presence of mother Goddess as 12 years child form, and heard with apt while She was imparting the Vedic Epics amazingly!

19. Parvati's name is synonymous with yogic willpower as well as with love. She is a maiden, a lover, and a mother yet powerful, balance, strength and softness. The story of Goddess Parvati is relevant to succeed in the life battles as she is the incarnate form of the primordial Shakti, that lights the consciousness and sharpens the mind with warrior-like energy with power of abundance and strength. The romance of Parvati and Shiva is partly a story about how feminine strength transforms the world in the service of love. It's also a profound metaphor for integration—for the union of mind and heart, of love and wisdom, that has to take place before we can be fully whole!

20. The kingdom of Shiva lucidly explains on the creative secrets with scientific base. Rig-Veda Hymn 7.33.13 on Hiranyagarbha, relates to the embryology and gynaecology. The sensory fluids where the Magic is! While in the mount Mandhar, a first baby was born to Parvati and Shiva from their drops of sweat. Shiva was in a meditating posture and Parvati closed his eyes mischievously from behind. The boy appeared out of Parvati and Shiva’s sweat. Shiva explained to Parvati that since his eyes were closed, the baby was born blind and was called Andhaka (the dark/blind). Since he posed devilish qualities he was called Andhakasura (the blind demon). He was given adoption to Hiranyaksa. He became Kamandhaka and desired sex with his own mother without know she was his mother. There then followed a battle that lasted for hundreds of years and involved many other gods and demons, but finally Shiva held Andhaka on His trident until the Sun withered away Andhaka's sins. After that time, Andhaka was purified by the Lord's touch . The most merciful mother pardoned him and named as Bhringi and became a Gana (attendant) to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

21. Goddess Parvati took a decision to have a son outside her womb following the methodology dealt in Rig-Veda Hymn 7.33.13 on Hiranyagarbha. She named him as Ganesha. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the Deva of intellect and wisdom.As the god of beginnings, he is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions. Several texts relate mythological anecdotes associated with his birth and exploits and explain his distinct iconography. Lord Ganesha unfolds Ganesha Gita to Sindhura, the son of Lord Brahma. Ganesha Gita is much earlier than Bhagavat Gita and presents the path of yoga. In the world those who have truly attained yoga have overcome hunger, thirst and the desire for progeny. They purify all the worlds and have brought the three worlds under their control. Their hearts are filled with compassion and they enlighten everyone. They are liberated whilst alive and are immersed in the pool that has the form of the highest bliss. After closing their eyes they see the Supreme Brahman in their heart! Lord Ganesha had personified his own knowledge of time, , karma and planetary movements, termed as the Jyotisha (Futurology), that explains how and why of the destiny of all living and non-living beings in the universe.

22. There is a need to understand on Panchgavya five products being Cow dung, , Cow urine, Cow milk, Cow curd, and Cow ghee. Panchgavya has been used in traditional Indian rituals throughout history. It is also called ‘Cowpathy’ treatment based on products obtained from cows used in Ayurvedic medicine and is also used as fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural operations! There is a great deal of significance attached to the Cow in Vedas. Kamdhenu is the mother of all and cares the health and environment conductive for a happy and healthy life. She bore Maruts from Lord Rudra. No Mortal Man and No God exceeds the mental power of mighty Maruts or Microbes, when charged can make 7,500 trips around the Earth along the equator every second!

23. The Ayurveda was actually developed by Aranyani, as the authentic Vedic science of healing body and mind both that gifted by Dhanvantari, the God of Medicine. She unfolded the divine Uma Sutam Sloka of Ayurveda that hints on the curative properties of leafs, flowers and fruits. Aranyani is the thought born daughter of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati. As the circumstanced compelled She was brought up by her foster mother Kalpavrusha, the most scared Tree of Kailash. She was under the guidance of Sevita Sivani, learnt every bit of Plants, Flowers, Fruits, Roots etc., She knew the power of Maruts. As directed by mother Goddess, she carefully selected21 Leafs, 21 Flowers and 21 Fruits that care the care the health when offered in the celebrations on Ganesha Chaturdashi..

24. Shanmukha was born and is also called as (i) Kartikeya, (ii) Gangeya, (iii) Shaka, (iv) Vishakha, (v) Atibala and (vi) Mahabala, who killed Tarakasura. Lord Shiva decided to take action against increasing conceit of Tarakasura. He assumed His original form with six faces. From each of these faces a Divine spark shot forth. The resplendence of these Divine sparks only tended to increase the sufferings and confusion of the Devas. But the Lord ordered Vayu (wind-god) and Agni (fire- god) to carry these six sparks and leave them in the sacred Ganga, who was to take them to Saravana Lake. Vayu and Agni obeyed at once. Lord Agni was carrying them, the sparks were growing hotter and hotter that even the Lord of Fire could not withstand the heat. Ganga who being unable to contain the divine energy, shoved it on to her banks, upon a shrub of reeds. Then Goddess Parvati, took the form of this water body as she alone was capable of taming the Tejas of Shiva, her consort. The sparks assumed the form of six children of unparalleled beauty. Thus Lord Shiva and Parvati performed the marriage of Lord Shanmukha with Amrutavalli, the daughter of Lord Indra. Everybody’s joy at this magnificence the marriage with heavenly pomp knew no bounds!!

25. The Kingdom of Shiva details on Vedic Secrets.

26. Messages from the Kingdom of Shiva

27. Kingdom of Shiva teaches that Life is unique, unrepeatable, one of a kind, beautiful, simple, challenging, sweet, hard and we just need to take a step back and find reasons to love it. Make it worth living! It is to be alive and to love!....

28. Scientists, Spiritual Leaders, Philosophers and Great Scholars recommending the Kingdom of Shiva authored by Sivkishen as a most reliable reference work of Vedic Wisdom that placed all the Hard to Get Facts and Hard to Decode Vedic Suktas, the pure science. They Rightly termed as the Elixir of Truth… For Absolute Bliss! "Kingdom of Shiva" is outstandingly useful super-book, a Maha- Grantham and a collectors' item; endorses the 14 Team Members of 'Quarter Life Crisis'. Read : ..Shri Kishen is a well-known creative author and Vedic Researcher. His This deals with specialization of decoding rare and hard to understand Vedic Hymns in a lucid manner is unmatched. He Author has interpreted the best guarded Vedic scriptures in such an interesting, simple and crystal clear way, that makes his latest creation the 'Kingdom of Shiva' a collectors' item. A must for everyone!.. The 14 Team Members of 'Quarter Life Crisis' includes a galaxy of intellectuals viz. Kristen Schulze, Robert Caroll, Carol Schulze, C. Patrick Schulze, Ernie Edmonds, Kevin Zwerko, Rudy Hendricks, Jocelyn Casto, Stephen Legge, Bartholomew Briggs, Annie Nguyen, Bryan Seely and Elwood Billshot.

29. Below are the links where "Kingdom of Shiva" is listed in Pre-orders

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The readers love to chew, digest and remember the Kingdom of Shiva for ages! This is a collectors' item. A must for everyone!

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