February 24, 2018

tips to Become True Devotee of Lord Shiva

Tips to Become True Devotee of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the Supreme Creator of the universe.

Shiva has such qualities which can't possible to describe even in thousands of years.

Even all Vedas and Puranas can't explain glory and say "Neti Neti", means it is impossible to know them.

Name of Shiva is "Aashutosh" which means they are easily pleased. They are impressed even on demons who completely make themselves for God.
 Tips to Become True Devotee of Lord Shiva

Let's see,

tips to make connection with Lord Shiva and become true devotee of them..

Make your mind divine and clean which always remember qualities of Shiva

Our mind is a most important part of true devotion.

Bhagwad Gita says about it in Adhyay 6, we can win everything if mind is in control. But it become enemy if uncontrolled.

If we think good and right things, it becomes easy to remember Shiva because God wants to stay in mind which is clean. So keep away from negative energy.

Surrender yourself completely to God Shiva

Any method of worship will give true effect only when we surrender ourselves to a creator of the universe. They will be pleased on you if you make every karma with them in mind. Be sure to do karma without any expectations as Bhagwad Gita teach.

Give donation to poor people

Make sure to donate some money to the poor person who not has shelter to live or food to eat because Shiva stays in every person. Even if you do not have more money to give, consider donating small amount.

Chant mantra Om Namah Shivaya 1008 times with concentration

Om Namah Shivaya is such mantra which can transform your life in a way which you never imagine.

Start from today...

You can chant 2000 times or 10 thousand times. Remember the glory of Mahadev while chanting. Chant it every day without missing.

In beginning, you can chant 108 times for first few days. After increase mantra japa, from 108 to 216, 216 to 540 and reach to 1008 times.

You will get incredible benefits.

Go to Shiva Temple

Visit temple every day. If it is far from your house, you can visit on Monday or one time in a week. You can visit in early morning or evening.

Our mind becomes stable when we go to spiritual place, temple. The atmosphere in temple help to concentrate Shiva.

Do 11 times or 108 times pradakshina in temple

Chant Mahamrityunjay mantra or Shadakshar stotra while doing Parikrama. Do it slow with Lord Shiva in a heart.

Lord is Complete and form of the universe. They are at centre.

Listen to Bhajans whenever you have time

Chanting may difficult first time. But listening is easy and spiritual bhajans make our life filled with happiness.

So, Listen to various Shiva bhajans and make your life nearer to Mahadev.

Our goal of life should only "To connect with God"

Fast on Monday in each week

We need a break from eating one time in a week because our digestion system continuously work.

On Monday, do not eat anything which made from grain. You can take fruits and milk. If it is saavan month, do vrat of 16 somvar. In this vrat, Do Puja on the each Monday.

Read a story which explain reason behind 16 Somvar and result achieved from this vrat.

Recite panchakshari mantra or rudrashtakam on this whole day.

Listen Shiv Katha

Listen to Katha on TV or YouTube.

Some channel are in YouTube which record Katha, listen it..

Wear Rudraksha

Why Rudraksha are so much Good and have importance?

Because in Sanskrit it is:

Rudra - Lord Shiva

Aksha - Eyes

Thus, the meaning is "eyes of Mahadev". One who wears Rudra, he is dear to God.

In Shiva Purana one chapter is about Rudraksha which explain types, benefits and rules of Rudraksha.

When you wear, don't do anything bad karma. Always try to think Lord Shiva and make yourself for them.

Meditate Shiva

Mahadev is one who meditates almost always. Devotee who does meditation is liked by them.

Become clean

We should be physically and mentally clean. Means we should take bath for physical body. Our thoughts are also needed to be free from bad thoughts.

Become kind

One name of Shiva is "Bholenath".

Means they like a person who is innocent. Always be generous, respectful, and behave well with all people.

God like a people who have such qualities.

Make it habit to remember Lord before and after dinner

God Shiva give us food.

So it is our responsibility to remember them.

Read Shiva Purana

Shiva Purana is book in which all knowledge about Mahadev is provided from which we able to know better about them.

So read it daily or one time in a week or whenever you have time.

Reading Shiv Purana has such effect by which you never need to know anything else because you get spiritual knowledge.

Vanil (Jagran) on Mahashivratri

Lord Shiva gives a boon to many devotees on Mahashivratri.

One devotee who even not know anything about Shiva, get heaven by Jagran and fasting.

Chant Shiva Mantras 108 times

Make your day start from Shiva Mantra. Chant various stotram of Rudra and if it possible, chant it 108 times.

Choose one Mantra and recite it everyday...

Chant Shiv Sahasranama

Sahasranama is so powerful that will give everything. Lord Vishnu chant it with true devotion. Devotion of Shri Vishnu is such that, they give eyes as Kamal and called "Kamalnayan". By seeing this, Shiva give Sudarshana Chakra to Vishnu.

Lord Shiva says,

One who chants Sahasranama daily, he never suffers even in a dream.

You will feel the presence of God within yourself and see them everywhere.

Make other devotees to your friend

Our friends play a major role in our development. If friends are spiritual and devotee, we can know about Bhakti. So, associate with a devotional person.

Think about God Everytime in life

Make your every second dedicated to Lord, think about them every time. Don't waste any time, only things which require is true devotion.

One moment becomes such that you will see Lord Maheshwar in your dream because God want to give you darshana by your true Bhakti.

Make a Book of Mantra

Write Mantra like Om Namah Shivaya or Om Rudray Namah in the book. Write Panchakshari mantra 108 times.

Make a practice of writing. After completing the book, give it in the temple or put in River.

Build a temple or give donation in temple

If you are rich, make a temple in your town. You will achieve such a blessing that you can go to Shivloka after life.

Learn from great devotee who meet Shiva in ancient history

Many devotees like Nandi, Ravana and Parvati meet them. Learn from their Devotion, methods of their worship and penance of this devotee.

For example, Devi Parvati spends thousands years in penance to meet Shiva. She even not take water at last stage and Everytime she do Tapascharya. Lord Shiva take her exam by appearing in Brahmchari incarnation but she pass in all tests and she married with Shiva.

Same for Nandi. He do Tapascharya for long time with imagination of God in heart. He become one Ganas of Shiva.

Go away from all material things which distract from Devotion

If something become obstacles in Pooja, do not use it. Concentrate only on pure devotion. All world is an illusion, only reality of God. So, make your goal only to achieve the ultimate reality.

Worship Lord Shiva with water, various flowers, and bilvapatra

Bilvapatra comes from Devi Lakshmi's Prayer. So, by providing belpatra to Lingam, one get Wealth because Lakshmi Devi become happy.

Flowers are also dear to Shiva. We can give all flowers with exception of Ketki.

Because flowers help to keep environment divine, our mind become fresh. By giving various flowers, we stay happy and our wishes will fulfill.

Shiv Puran discussed different flowers and their benefits. Worship with it and see how you become more rich and happy. Blessings of God is always on you from which any enemies or dangers can't harm you. Your whole life filled with happiness and success.

Speak Truth

Lord Shiva like a person who always speaks the truth.

Lord Brahma who lie one time are also punished by Shiva. Mahadev hates man who speak lie.

Make other people devotee

Say other people about God and glory of them. We have to make other people a devotee. Lord is pleased to us because more people know the truth about God and do bhakti of them.

Visit holy places and jyotirlinga

Jyotirlinga is such place where God Rudra stay in form of Shivlingam and it has so much effect that will makes you free from all sins.

Birth and death cycle will stop. We reach Shivloka and achieve eternal happiness. Visit any of Jyotirlinga which is near to your town.

Remember 12 Jyotirling by Dwadash Jyotirling mantra

By chanting Dwadash Jyotirling stotram, we can mentally visit Jyotirling. So if it is not possible to visit physically, chant this stotram.

Fast on Savan Month

Start a somvar vrat which start from first Monday of Saavan. Follow rules on Puja. Visit temple each day in this month. As saavan month called a month of Shivpuja, do Puja during this month which provide everything we need.

Read Shiv Geeta to understand about God, life, and more knowledge

Other than Shiv Purana, Shiv Gita is a great book to understand the teaching of Mahadev. It is spoken by God himself. They teach Rama about spiritual information. As Bhagwad Gita teach us about way of getting Moksha, Bhakti and true way to do Karma; Shiva Geeta also teach us it and other devotional knowledge. Understand it and know better about Mahadev. Apply knowledge in life.

You will experience such feeling which is explainable to anyone.

Wake up in early morning and dive yourself into devotion

Early Morning is called as Brahmamuhurt which is around 4:30 AM. It is the best time to meditate as the atmosphere is clean and our mind is fresh. So, After wake up chant shiv slokam near to God.

Remove ego from mind and make yourself true devotee

Ravana is great devotee who has Lanka in control. He falls from such position because of ego. So do all karma with thinking of God and think that God controls all things, we do only our duties.

Here are more tips

Do Kirtan and sing various song, bhajans

Do Rudra Abhishek Puja

Speak Shiva Katha to other people

Never ask for any material things from Mahadev

Make a Schedule for Devotion like at 6:00 AM speak sloka, at 8:00 AM go to Temple

Keep yourself away from negative thought

Do Tapascharya

In Mobile or smartphone, download pictures of Rudra, listen to divine bhajan, download apps related to Shankar, Download books like Shiv Purana and other Shiva related books

Think welfare of everyone and do Good for each person

If you can't concentrate while meditation makes your eyes as half-open, means eyes are not close neither fully open but it is half-open. By this method, you find it easy to concentrate and get rid of negativity.

Keep faith in Shiva as they will protect you from problems and dangers.

For mental worship, use Shiva Manas Puja

Request forgiveness from Mahadev for any mistakes happen in prayer.

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