February 24, 2018

Why we give water and milk to Shivlingam?

Why we give water and milk to Shivlingam? 

Why we give water and milk to Shivlingam?
I am sure that you heard like:

"Isn't water and milk given to Shivlingam waste? You should give it to poor person."

"Pouring water in worship is only faith. There will nothing happens. All milk will be wasted in temple."

In fact, many people shows against Shivpuja. They says you should donates this money to poor people.

But there is reasons for giving water to Shivling.

To understand it let's first know the history of formation.


In Vidyeshwar Samhita of Shiva Puran, event behind appearance of Lingam is described.

A long time ago when universe has starting age, there is controversy between Vishnu and Brahma.

Both are about to fight but when they start, the big column of fire appears there.

Brahma and Vishnu are surprised by it and says; What is this? Why it appears here?

Both discuss to find the end of the big pillars.

Brahma go to upper side and Vishnu go to downside in Vaaraah Avatar. Vishnu go to downside for long time.

Time passed is one Kalpa means crores of years but still it seems to have no end. At last, Shri Vishnu understand that it have no end, this fire pillar have some purpose. So, Bhagwan Vishnu return to original place.

Brahma also find no upper end till crores of years but they think that it should have end and I find it.

At that time, they see flower Ketki fall there. Brahma ask him, Who are you? From where you come? How long it from you fall?

Ketki answer, I am on head of Lord Shiva but at that time ego come in myself. I think that how powerful I am that I am on head of Mahadev. But at this time, Mahadev nodded and I fall down. I fall from too long time but it seems to have no starting neither end.

Brahma want to prove him superior by finding end, so he ask Ketki to speak lie for him when he say Vishnu that he find the upper end.

Ketaki agree. Brahma with flower Ketki return and meet Madhusudan.

Vishnu speak truth as there is no end but Brahma lie, they also say Ketaki is witness. When ask to him, he lie.

At that moment, Lord Shiva appears and they take Bhairav Avatar to punish Brahma. Bhairav cut fifth head who lie. Lord Shiva punish Ketki to be witness with lie. They give boon to Vishnu who stay with truth of worshipped everywhere. Even Lord Shiva make Vishnu as God of them.

After Lord Shiva give knowledge to both and describe various forms of them.


Pillar of fire is Shivling. Shivling is appear at time of creation of universe. When Big Bang happen, within short time space expands and energy released. As time pass, matters and particles are created. At that stage Lord Shiva may appear in Shivlingam form. The Shivlingam have too high amounts of energy, it is symbol which represents state of universe. Because in this state, it is hot having too much energy; To make it quite, we pour water on Shivling. By pouring milk and water, energy down. We symbollically give respect to Shiva by Pouring water on them.

As giving water to root of tree, whole tree will saturated and further no need for individual treating of leaf and branch; giving water to Mahadev will energized whole universe because it is fundamental.

There is other reason also.

Here is reason:

Shivling is for thousands of years in temple, made from stone.

For example, 12 Jyotirling which is at time of Satyayuga.

This Shivlingam may have effect of erosion because atmosphere have micro organisms and gases like oxygen which react.

Such effects is not there if poured milk and water on Shiva.

Benefits of pouring water and milk on Shivling

Effects are as follows:

  • Mind become spiritual and free from negative energy.
  • When water given to Shiva, whole atmosphere become holy.
  • As per Shiva Puran, By pouring water, We get Shivloka because Lord Shiva pleased on us.
  • God take care of us and they will make life of us such that happiness will increase day by day.
  • God will remove sins which done unknownly.
  • Son of Mahadev, Ganesha will please on you who decrease problems in life.
  • Pouring milk to Lord Shiva will increase devotion. At stage of pure devotion, Lord Shiva may want to give Darshana in the dream.
  • Lord Shiva, Bholenath is so kind that they give more than what you deserve. For example, Demons are get boons by Mahadev.
  • Offering water on Lingam make Lord Shiva happy. They are called as one who follow his devotee. By blessing of them, You feel effect, an undescribable miracles Everytime.
  • We improve our life when we do worship by water, milk, Good qualities developed in us.

Answer to some questions

"Why you pour valuable milk to Shivlingam?"

Why not?

Everything is given to us by God. Why we not give them?

In fact we didn't give them. We return them and Show respect to them. It is our duty.

A person may not understand that there is God. He may believe that there is stone. But there is God Shiva who stay there.

Also Why not question on other regions? Only Hindu become in question. In Diwali due to crackers, in Holi due to water. Is all pollution is due to Hindu festivals? Crores of rupees spend in to film, party and bad things. Is anyone question there?
  • A people who think to their own benefits may not spend money on God but God make Universe, planets and everything, this world run by God's wish. We are only dice, nothing is in our control.
  • People who think about material things can't understand spirituality. For example, a student who not even know basic mathematics have almost impossible to know about Calculus, Integration and Higher level mathematics. God is outer than physical dimensions; beyond energy, space and laws. A karma for God have such effects which is unexplainable to one who doesn't feel it.
  • Often people who argue to help poor instead of God, do nothing for them.
  • If some watch in theatres which cost much money, why shouldn't he give it to poor people? They spends lots of money in useless things or things which is for material enjoyment. Why shouldn't this is for poor?
  • Cows are like a mother of us. If we offer milk to Mahadev, more cows will grows because people take care of it.

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