February 24, 2018

Why Lord Shiva create expanding universe?

Why Lord Shiva create expanding universe? 

Why Lord Shiva create expanding universe? lord shiva rahashya
Lord Shiva create our universe but it is not a static.

Universe is dynamic. It is expanding means distance between two object increase because space between them expand.

Let's first see, how scientist know about expanding universe...


Scientists confirmed, size of observable universe is 93 billion light year. But the question is how it is possible? Is there any error?

It may not possible. After research of year scientists prove, length of observable universe is nearly 93 billion light year.

If there is no such a big calculation mistake or error in experiments. So how this possible?

Speed of Light

Speed of Light is one of the fundamental in nearly all modern cosmological theories.

"Nothing move faster than speed of Light in space."

It is one of the fundamental law say, it is impossible to fast than speed of light. If something travel faster than light than it might go into past!

Einstein's Law of Relativity

What is the law of relativity?

It state, if you are in the rest condition than you measure speed of light as 299,792,458 m/s and if you measure while moving at some velocity than also this is exact same as that you measure in the rest condition.

When Einstein solve some equation then he know that speed of light 'c' appearing in those equation in naturally way .

How can we decide that what is rest condition? After many research and experiments Einstein know that this speed remain constant for all observer.

It leads to some illustrative condition but this is conformed by many experiments and astronaut is feel time shorter than in earth!

Discovery of Hubble

Hubble is one scientists that discovered redshift. When galaxy is too far they are going more far by each other and even whole universe is expanding. It is not because this objects move but because space is expanding.

If we apply relativity law on whole universe, it would be not stable. Either it is expanding or opposite happen.

Hubble discover this facts and after it is confirmed, space is expanding.

What is meaning of exapanding space ?

The age of our universe is approximately 13.8 billion year. By that distance when light is coming us from that source that we see light but from that time distance between this galaxy or star is increased because of expansion of space.

There is increased distance means what we see is too long than we may expecting.

Means when we see universe which we can see up to 93 billion light year of universe. But actually universe is 13.8 billion year old. Because of expansion of space it happen.

Why God Shiva make universe as expanding?

For creation of life, it is necessary to have gravity.

Four fundamental forces in which gravitational force and electromagnetic force act upon long distance.

Now, stars and planets have almost zero net charge. Means only force act is gravitation.

The problem with gravity is that if gravity is continually applying to all object then all things are come into one place and there is no such things as Earth, sun, moon exist. Because all object are come in one place.

But if universe is not stable and increase space between them, problem is solved. Gravity continuous works but object are not becoming one point because space between them is increase.

So, by making universe as expanding our life become possible and all forms of planets and stars are in space because of it.

It also the one proof of the big bang theory means times and space is not previously exist and it is created. It is created by Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva create all world in a way which is as perfect as possible. They make all of us as part of creation.

We are here for a reason.

What is reason?

To surrender ourselves to Shiva and always worship them. Always live with pure devotion.

We are here in material world for some purpose and our purpose is to meet Lord Shiva.

When our soul goes into Mahadev, we fulfill purpose of life.

So, always chant name of Shiva with true devotion. They will make change in universe which effect on you in surprising way.

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